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Benton County criminal defense: by the numbers

By David Cmelik

Why do I say I am a “Benton County criminal defense lawyer” in addition to being an Iowa criminal defense lawyer? Well, I was the attorney of record in 110 criminal dismissals in Benton County and 66 separate Benton County criminal cases that included plea agreements to lesser charges. My clients were the recipients of 438 additional agreeable plea offers submitted to the court.

have represented over 100 Benton County probationers and defended over 50 contempt actions. In the ornate Benton County courtroom, I’ve tried before juries a Class B felony sex case (who was offered a misdemeanor for probation but rejected it), a bank robber found guilty of lesser charges than originally indicted and acquitted on another charge, and an OWI defendant outrightly acquitted, even though he ran from the police, ditched his car, got tangled in a barbed wire fence, and blew over the legal limit.

As I earlier blogged, I love Benton County criminal defense. And I love practicing criminal law in the Benton County courthouse. If you or a loved one need a Benton County criminal defense, I will do my level best to see that a Benton County criminal defendant receives a fair trial, due process of law, and a top notch defense. I will negotiate for the best offer possible while proceeding throughout the case on a trial footing. Remember, however, that a blog is not legal advice and that sending an attorney information over the Internet does not establish an attorney-client relationship and may not be privileged.