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'This law firm limits its professional representation to clients who are charged with crimes.'

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Don’t get me wrong. Generalists, or, lawyers who dabble in a little bit of everything, may be right for certain clients and situations. Afterall, I have great respect for veterinarians who know something about nearly every species from Bovine to Canine. They may know more than a doctor who limits himself to human beings, but are you going to go to one when you’re sick?

It’s unfair to suggest a generalist is incapable of handling an Iowa criminal matter. There are brilliant generalists with a wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects. And there is no specialization or certification required to practice criminal law in the State of Iowa. You are either a lawyer or you're not. But understand my absolute respect for someone who can write a will or review a purchase agreement for a new house when I say I wouldn’t go to the neighborhood veterinarian to lay out my options for a high blood pressure condition or even diagnose a sinus infection. Nor would I suggest my clients come to me to discuss the child support guidelines or what to do if a neighbor’s tree fell on their house in the big storm last night. It isn’t what I do.

No matter what, I urge someone who is charged with a crime in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Linn, Johnson, Black Hawk, Benton, Jones, or other counties, or who has a loved one who is charged with an Iowa crime, to become an informed legal consumer. Contact David A. Cmelik Law PLC for a free ½ hour initial consultation today. But remember a blog is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established by sending unsolicited information to an attorney over the Internet.

​Papyrus of Kahun cir. 1900 BC. One of the first veterinarian texts on record, it was followed by others that detailed the animal kingdom.

I call myself a ‘criminal lawyer.’ What this means is that this law firm limits its professional representation to clients who are charged with crimes It does nothing else but criminal law.

That means that when a prospective client calls, my firm won’t be in the middle of a mediation over child custody, executing a will, or writing a contract for the sale of land. None of these things is criminal law. When my firm goes to court, it is for the exclusive purpose of zealously advocating for a client charged with a crime. ​​

What does it mean to be a 'Cedar Rapids Criminal Lawyer?'

by David Cmelik