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The NHTSA correlates two or more so-called clues with a BAC of .10 grams per 210L breath because its original study indicates that 65% of all study participants who demonstrated two or more clues had a BrAC of .10. They stand by the One Leg Stand for the .08 g/210L BrAC standard in place in Iowa today.

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What is the One Leg Stand field sobriety test in a Cedar Rapids DUI (OWI) Case?

by David Cmelik

​The One Leg Stand is typically the final physical agility test among the standardized field sobriety tests administered by trained law enforcement officers. 

There is an instruction phase where the officer advises the test subject to raise one leg, either leg, approximately six inches off the ground, toes pointed out, while demonstrating the test. Both arms are to be kept at one’s side and legs are supposed to remain straight together even though one leg is raised. 

Source: 2006 NHTSA DWI Training Manual

While holding this position, the test subject is instructed that they must count out loud for thirty seconds or until the test administrator instructs them to stop, in “one one thousand fashion,” as in, “one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand,” etc. After the instruction and demonstration phase, the test administrator will typically ask whether the test subject understands and will make sure that they respond. They will then ask the test subject to perform the test and look for the following “clues,” or, signs of insobriety, including:

Swaying while balancing
Using arms to balance
Puts foot down.