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What are "Lascivious Acts" in Iowa?

by David Cmelik

It may surprise those unfamiliar with Iowa law that there are many forms of sex offenses in the criminal code. For example, while there are three “degrees” of actual “sexual abuse,” defined by  Iowa Code §§ 709.2-709.4, there are also other sex offenses do not contain the phrase “abuse.” One example is “lascivious acts with a child,” in which there are four subparts.

First, lascivious acts may be defined as “fondl[ing] Fondl[ing] or touch[ing] the pubes or genitals of a child.” Likewise, it is also not surprising it is illegal to “permit or cause a child to fondle or touch the person’s genitals or pubes.” Each of these offenses is Class "D" felony punishable by at most five years in prison. A so-called “special sentence” of ten years “as if on parole” begins when the underlying sentence is discharged. Sex offender registry for ten years is required. Depending on the facts and circumstances, other restrictions may apply.

Soliciting a child to engage in a sex act or soliciting someone else to arrange a sex act with a child is also a “lascivious act.” Inflicting pain or discomfort upon a child or permitting a child to inflict pain or discomfort on a person for sexual gratification is a lascivious act. Solicit a child to engage in a sex act or solicit a person for the same reason also qualifies as such an act. This paragraph describes crimes that are a “Class C” felony punishable by a maximum of ten years in prison with lifetime parole and sex offender registry requirements.

The stakes are high with any accusation for a sex offense in the State of Iowa. If you or a loved one has been so accused, has been charged, or is under investigation by either law enforcement or the Department of Human Services (DHS) or both, do not hesitate. Get informed. Obtain a free ½ hour initial consultation today by contacting David A. Cmelik Law PLC at 319-389-1889 or www.daclawfirm.com or by using the contacts page here

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