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By the numbers: Jones County Criminal Defense

by David Cmelik

On a street aptly named “High Street,” for at least some inmates, is the Anamosa State Penitentiary that briefly housed John Wayne Gacy. Adjacent the state prison is the Jones County Courthouse, built in 1937 and added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 2003. Atop the courthouse is the Jones County Jail where Jones County cognoscenti inform me the attorney-client conference room was once the living room for a live-in jail administrator. From the attorney-client conference room you can see at least part of the galley kitchen. I am licensed to practice in all Iowa county courthouses. I consider myself, among other things, a Jones County criminal defense attorney because I have spent considerable time in that courthouse. I have tried and won before juries Jones County criminal cases including a vehicular homicide and the presentation of a theory of self-defense involving a Ka-Bar fighting knife. I have handled to disposition 77 Jones County OWI (DUI) cases, 57 Jones County drug possession cases, 26 probation revocation matters, and 24 contempt actions. Of all of my Jones County criminal defense cases—over 400—I have defended cases in which there were 43 outright dismissals. It is my privilege to represent defendants in Jones County. I call myself a Jones County criminal defense lawyer. 
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