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Iowa criminal lawyer: best for you or them?

Do you want to drive on the open road or in a traffic jam? Do you want to have your coffee in peace, on a Sunday, curled up with your favorite morning read or on the freeway spilling in your cupholder while you motor your way to work with bumper to bumper drones? Do you want to take a number or have a one-on-one conversation with someone helpful to you in any given situation?

Wait—we think we know the answer.

No one wants to be in a mind-numbing sea of sameness on their way to somewhere else, treated like cattle on their way to slaughter, while being told to wait their turn and sit down. They want to reach their destination, achieve their objectives—individually— and move on. That’s true at the gas pump, your morning coffee, and, unfortunately, detoured on your way to somewhere else in life, the courtroom in your Cedar Rapids criminal prosecution.

Because an Iowa criminal prosecution is, by its very nature, intended to be an unpleasant path to your criminal punishment—sometimes jail or prison—it should be no surprise that the criminal justice system considers our clients to be defendants and inmates—not customers.

Our criminal law firm practices differently.

First, we limit the number of clients to a set number and then turn off the spigot. We don’t take cases past that caseload so we can give individual attention to our clients that they deserve and crave in every part of their lives—and that they absolutely need in this time of legal crisis.

Second, we live by the everyday mantra that you are more important than us. We don’t force you to wade through gatekeepers, secretaries, paralegals, associates to prove how important they are to your case. We are humbled by your decision to choose us.

Third, we practice law from the perspective of “active legal listening.” We want to know your objectives and, when you, the Iowa criminal law defendant, call directly with a verifiable criminal prosecution and an established District Court file and completed Iowa arrest, we can craft an attorney-client relationship that is right for you.

Fourth, we practice no other stripe of law but criminal defense by choice. That’s right. Your attorney will not be taking up your time thinking about another client’s child custody matter or the latest slip and fall payout.

Searching for the best Cedar Rapids lawyer for your Iowa criminal defense? Best means many things to many people. No one can claim to be the best, though some try to do so. We are humble enough to merely want to compete on your list of candidates. We are an Iowa criminal lawyer and defense firm and nothing else. Let us practice differently for you, if you have been charged with Iowa DUI, called Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) here, or another Iowa criminal charge. We think you’ll be surprised by the only pleasant thing in your prosecution: our representation.


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